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The World has Changed, and Our Leadership Needs to Evolve.

Want to become a Unified Leader? Here’s how.

I speak to both timeless and evolving leadership practices in business, politics, sports, and religion.

I created the world’s first Unified Leadership Model — putting structure around the unstructured. Much like the US Army uses the IQ test in its recruiting, we as a society need to use a Leadership Quotient (or LQ) to select our most senior leaders. It’s essential to humanity’s future.

Christopher G Hornick

Christopher G. Hornick, CEO, Author, MBA

Mr. Hornick is the CEO of HBSC Strategic Services and is an expert in Organizational and Digital Transformation and Executive Leadership. He has founded three companies and has held multiple executive and board- level positions in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area. He holds Computer Science degrees from Rutgers University and Stevens Institute of Technology, and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. Mr. Hornick lives between Silicon Valley and Lake Tahoe and is an avid skier, sailor, pilot, marathon runner, and triathlete.

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Reach Chris Hornick at 415-860-6004 or send an email to chris.hornick@hbsconsult.com (Pacific Time Zone)

Story Ideas

Do you know your Leadership Quotient (or LQ)?
How do you rank among histories most outstanding leaders? Using a New Myers-Briggs-type Leadership Test, we can quantitatively measure your capacity.
Stuck to Unstoppable
After the pandemic, many people are playing small professionally and personally. Here are the 5-step to go from Stuck to Unstoppable.
How to live a Fantastic Life
Growth, Relationships, and Getting Outside Ourselves (Mission). Using the concept of liminal spaces (fertile thresholds – neither here, but not yet there) to accelerate high performance.
Do you know how Silicon Valley Companies Thrive?
They build excellence at sustaining, transitioning, and transforming—embracing Four Mental Shifts. This helps teams thrive through periods of rapid change.
The First Commandment of Leadership
Leader, lead thyself. The best leaders focus on self-leadership.
What 300,000 Years of Leadership Evolution has taught us, and where we are headed
Building Cultures Virtually, Creating a Change Mindset, Leadership Consciousness, and Operational Range.
Leadership Flaws and Pitfalls
Leadership autopsies reveal that not all leaders fail the same way, nor do they succeed in the same way. Much of leadership is being in harmony with the times and excelling based on your natural leadership types.
A New Age of Leadership
Today, there are too many toxic leaders. How do we create future leaders who embrace a highly evolved mindset and ideology?
The Last Book of Leadership - by Christopher G. Hornick
“Groundbreaking and empowering!”
“Whether you are a seasoned or aspiring leader, this book will grip you—and then find a place under your pillow.”
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